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The KOFP Radio Media & Community Collaboration Project

Attention Black middle school, high school and collegiate level students ready for a unique hands-on internship and/or apprenticeship experience with the KOFP Radio "The Voice" community team; we welcome you with open arms, and embrace your eagerness to learn about the wonderful future opportunities that await you!

Learn more about the internship program below; eligibility includes students ages 12-20 currently enrolled in school or a collegiate institution. NOTE:  Online applications will appear below on this website page starting Jan. 3 for secondary education and Jan. 8 for collegiate level students interested.


June 7, 2024


September 6, 2024


(Please note that seating is limited; see below for more information.)

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Program Overview

The KOFP Radio Media & Community Collaboration Project is under the H.O.P.E. organization, a 501(c)(3) entity.  The project is a combined effort of Black media entities, local colleges, and community organizations who have come together for a common cause:  to create a strong legacy for the next generation by strengthening the local youth in the community with valuable career information.  Media is the conduit to drive the engine for change; however, it takes everyone’s help to make the change happen. 

This project is centered around providing career opportunities for our Black youth and young adults, ages 12 – 20.  It is through exposure and hands-on-learning that youth and young adults learn valuable career-related information early or as an asset to apply to their productive futures. 

There are key career areas that are lacking Black workers which will be the focus of The KOFP Radio Media & Community Collaboration Project:  STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), public advocacy, and media.

Thanks to our community and corporate partners below, we are able to help Black students throughout the Central Valley, enhancing the future that awaits them.

Here's What Students Will Experience:

Tier 1 [ages 12 – 14]: Exposure to the fields of STEM, media, and public advocacy allows students to become acclimated with members of their surrounding local and state communities through interactive in-person forums with community speakers, field trips, mini media groups end-of-program projects via radio and TV.  (16-week program; up to 16 seats available.)

Tier 2 [ages 15 – 17]:  Mentorship relative to the fields of STEM, media, and public advocacy allows students to learn from an apprenticeship point of view such related fields or through job shadowing.  Students also engage in partner and individual end-of-program projects and field trips.  (16-week program; up to 16 seats available.)

Tier 3 [ages 18 – 20]:  Application in the fields of STEM, media, and public advocacy is key to students learning skills that will help them further their future career endeavors.  With hands-on experience, student interns have something to add to their resumes for prospective jobs.  They also receive a stipend and certificate of completion at the end of the program.  Students also have the option of earning college credit through their advisers. (one semester or two quarters; up to 16 seats available.)

Supporters Contact

Are you a company, community organization or group wanting assist in the community effort of this program?  Great!  We would love your help!  Please send us an email today!

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